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How to get a CDL

Bus Route Safety Guidelines

GOING TO THE DOORS One of the best ways to maintain safety on the bus ride is to walk the children from their door to the bus and to take them home in the same fashion. When the children are being picked up, it is important to cross the street only in front of the bus (not behind the bus).  […]

Fairhaven Bus Ministry Handbook

The Bus Captain Guidelines

The Bus Captain Guidelines Each captain of a route is entrusted with the responsibility of following all the guidelines of our bus ministry and ensuring that the workers on his bus do the same.  He must meet all the spiritual requirements for leadership set down by our pastor.  He is expected to pray regularly for each rider, and he is […]

Railroad Crossings – Special Situations

Special Situations If you run into an abandoned or unused track, treat it as a useable track and approach it the same way you would as a track being heavily used. Be on the lookout for malfunctioning crossing gates and lights. You should never drive around a malfunctioning gate. It is extremely dangerous and illegal. If you suspect a malfunction, […]

Railroad Crossing Procedures

Every state has different laws and regulations for crossing railroad tracks in a school bus. If you have any questions about your state laws or districts policies be sure to bring them up to your supervisor. In general, school buses must stop at all crossings, with or without passengers, and ensure it is safe before proceeding across the tracks.   […]